Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Hotel With Swimming Pool When You Are in Puri

Here’s some skepticism – why should hotels in Puri have swimming pools? Isn’t the sea good enough? What purpose would the pool serve anyway? Couldn’t we just manage a bath in the hotel bathroom itself?

Well, well, well. Think beyond the obvious.

Here are the top 10 reasons why choosing hotels with swimming pools is advisable in Puri:

#1: The water is salt-free.

Yes, this leisure amenity will definitely contain fresh water. You can wet your hair in it and never worry about graying or falling hair due to salt. You can spend the entire day frolicking in the water and without exposing your tresses to damage.


#2: The pool’s cleaned regularly

The sea is not going to be cleaned, right? Even if you take a dip there, be sure that you are sharing the waters with many others. A bath in the pool is going to be a lot more hygienic, don’t you think? So, always go for a hotel with swimming pool in Puri.


#3: It’s safer than the sea

Near a pool, you will have trained lifeguards supervising you all the time, who are not much available by the sea. This is a huge benefit because you are ensuring your complete safety in the waters. Think about crocodiles and sharks swimming up to you. Horrible, isn’t it?


#4: Your kids could swim, too

There’s always a part in such setups meant for kids. This part is absolutely shallow and safe – just what you’d want for your little one. Could you dare to drench him in the saltwater while the waves are roaring? Think about it.


#5: It’s good for your heart

If you are a regular swimmer, you own a strong heart. But, can you swim in the sea waters will all freedom? We don’t think so. Rather, you’d be concerned about the waves and try to find the safest spot to swim. As for a pool, it’s safe from all sides and good for your heart as well.


#6: You can moderate the temperature of the water

There’s no control over sea water. However, in a pool, you can the operator to control the temperature of the water for you. Warm when you’re feeling cold and cool when you are sweating – isn’t it wonderful?

Ej3bD.gif#7: It’s an ideal choice for relaxing

After you are done with your day’s tour in the temple city of Puri, you would surely want to relax in your hotel. And what could be a better way than to sit by the crystal waters and enjoy music? Just imagine!


Of course, this write-up is now way to deter you from enjoying the lovely Puri sea. It’s a religious shrine after all. Hundreds of tourists and devotees visit it every day. But, if you want to have a completely delightful stay, always remember to choose a lodging which has this luxury facility for sure.

Good luck with the waters!


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